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Author Topic: Special Operations Forces seeks new members. Code 170-678-822  (Read 4046 times)


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Special Operations Forces seeks new members. Code 170-678-822
« on: October 04, 2018, 05:05:40 AM »
Special Operations Forces is a laid back but active faction seeking new members.
We rank in the top 150 for World Domination Wars, and top 200 for Frontline Wars
We currently have more than 50 members, but have spaces open for active new recruits.
We don't expect you to be on 24 hours a day, we don't require you to use Gold, and we don't have a minimum donations requirement as our bonuses are all fully maxed.
All we ask is that you take part in faction missions (daily if possible), keep in contact on the faction wall or preferably on GroupMe, help us all to grow stronger together....and get on with real life for the rest of the time!
Our faction invite code is 170-678-822, so come and join us!
All our bonuses are maxed, so we only need concrete donations to build walls for World Domination events and to upgrade the Faction HQ.